Hillside residents share poems and write their own rhymes

Poetry is proving popular among the young disabled residents of Hillside Care Home in Huyton, Merseyside.

Our activities co-ordinator, Liam, is running regular sessions, based on different themes such as humour, the seasons and family times.

Residents love to hear Liam read out poems by a variety of authors – and they often write their own, reciting them for the group, or inviting Liam to do so.

Liam says: “Our residents who are aged up to their 50s love to listen to poems and talk about them. We find verses often conjure up childhood memories, or other thoughts. There is always lots to say.

“Some our residents are really creative – particularly Paula who can write about any given theme! We share their poems by either reading them out or displaying them on the wall, or both.”

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