Knitters Bring Twiddlemuffs to Millfield

Millfield Care Home in Heywood, Manchester, is now the proud owner of a consignment of colourful twiddlemuffs – created by the Rochdale Knit and Natter social group.

Twiddlemuffs are knitted hand warmers adorned with interesting bits and pieces – such as keys, buttons and tufts of wool – which are stitched in to provide a sensory experience, as wearers ‘twiddle’ while they are sitting and relaxing.

Research has shown that they can reduce stress and anxiety by providing stimulation for restless hands, particularly for people with dementia. Some residents find it very comforting to hold a key in particular, having handled door keys or car keys throughout their lives.

Many residents also find the twiddlemuffs cosy and cheerful, and useful in keeping their fingers active and nimble.

The knitters –who make lots of twiddlemuffs at their get-togethers – asked whether our residents would like some. We said, “Yes please!” and so their group co-ordinator Liz visited to present a newly-knitted batch of 20.

The machine-washable twiddlemuffs are now in use every day. Some residents like to wear them while they are watching TV and others prefer them towards bedtime, when the home is quieter.

A few of our residents like to knit themselves, so we are looking at making some more twiddlemuffs during our activity sessions here.

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