Residents get to grips with pegs at Hillside

Multi coloured plastic laundry pegs have become the unlikely focus of a suite of newly-devised games for residents of Hillside Nursing Home in Huyton, Merseyside.

Our activities co-ordinators, Becca and Pauline, have been making up challenges to boost concentration and hand-eye co-ordination among residents – tying in with our group-wide theme for July of ‘Qualia Care Gets Sporty’.

One game involves sorting a big pile of pegs into colours and putting them into the right box. Another is based on attaching pegs to the rim of a metal tub.

Becca explained: “These might seem like simplistic things to do, but for residents with dementia they are great activities that require short bursts of concentration.

“Pegs are familiar and comforting items to handle. Picking them up and using them helps residents to keep their hands and fingers active, as well as their grip strong.”

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