Residents reminisce about Christmases past

Residents of Washington Lodge Nursing Home in the North East have been casting their minds back to the festivities of yesteryear.

They remembered the gifts they gave and received, the decorations they had in their homes, and their Christmas trees.

They also thought about their own childhoods – as well as the times they enjoyed as parents or relatives of young children, and later as grandparents.

Our activities co-ordinator, Julie, said: “It was a lovely session that brought back all sorts of good memories for the people who took part.

“Some of the residents talked about the differences between Christmases in the past and today – and how they were very happy times, despite not having lots of presents and other luxuries, by modern standards.”

The get-together was just one of the events on our Christmas calendar, which included a festive party – with staff members dressed as elves – and a visit from Santa Claus. We also took a trip to the local garden centre for lunch, and a chance to see the seasonal decorations.

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