Sandycroft – News in Brief – September 17

Sandycroft cooks up support for Macmillan

Budding bakers at Sandycroft Nursing Home raised some dough for Macmillan Cancer Support’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning.

Residents and staff at the home in South Shore, Blackpool staged their very own ‘bake off’ to raise money for the very worthwhile cause.

Manager Jane Lyth says: “The residents had a very enjoyable time icing and decorating some fairy cakes and a good time was had by all.

“Edna Fisher won the ‘name the teddy’ competition and cried with happiness, saying she had never won anything in her life.”

The event raised £22.50 for Macmillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, which last year raised £29.5 million for the charity, providing support for people suffering from cancer.


Birthday celebrations sheer poetry for Jean

It’s traditional to send a loved one a greetings card for their birthday.

But the daughter of a Sandycroft resident went one better by penning her own poem in tribute to both her mum and caring staff at the Blackpool home.

Jean Barry’s daughter Janet Cassidy wrote a heartfelt verse entitled ‘Memory Lane’, which she read out at her mum’s 78th party – organised by staff at Sandycroft.

Admininstrator Jo Gillard says: “Janet’s poem about Jean really touched us all, and the staff at Sandycroft are incredibly proud that Jean feels so at home here.

“It was a really lovely day for all of us with a lot of love, smiles and dancing.”

The guest of honour and fellow party goers also enjoyed some live accordion music and tucked into a delicious birthday cake.

And the celebrations were rounded off in rockin’ fashion with a trip to the theatre to see a Prince tribute act.


Memory Lane    A Poem Dedicated to Jean Barry

I’ve written a poem with memories dear
I hope that you’ll listen, I’d like you to hear,
About a wonderful person I’m proud to call mum,
About the things she’s seen and the things that she’s done.

Although born in Blackpool she’s a true Salford Lass,
Lowcock Street, St Clements the top at art class,
Joining the girl guides going to Edinburgh City,
Losing her spending money oh what a pity,
Whit walks, Duster coats pin curls before bed,
Waking her sister as she faffed with her head

With Rita and Sheila, teenage nights on the town
Dancing, bus home, chips and change from a crown,
Eyeing up boys up as she flutters her eye lashes
To think her dad thinks she’s attending night classes

Now happily married a new chapter in life,
A wonderful mum and a wonderful wife,
Sunday roast, Christmas dinner the best I won’t lie,
Hours spent baking tarts and homemade apple pie.

Summers in Cornwall a journey so far,
Singing we’re off, we’re off in an old motorcar
It wasn’t that comfy car filled to the brink,
2 kids, a dog, everything but the kitchen sink.

Trips to the Loco with Joyce, Joyce and Nan,
Hot pot with crusts on, chip pans and tinned Spam,
Jiving to Scott Darnley with Raymond and Trish
I’m turning the clock back, if only, I wish.

Moving to Blackpool the bingo queen reigned,
A new life they say nothing ventured nothing gained,
Long days and nights worked hard with always a smile,
All the punters loved Jean on the pools Golden Mile.

Learning to drive in a new shiny Smart,
Jean’s three point turns were truly an art,
It was all going fine, all going so swimmingly,
Til she put down her foot and drove into a tree.

A real fashion diva,
With shopping a passion,
Always in style, always in fashion,
At home wardrobes wobble feeling the strain,
The belle of the ball come sunshine or rain.

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