Sensory experience bring back memories at Washington Lodge

Residents of Washington Lodge Nursing Home in the North East enjoyed smelling the familiar aromas of everyday items such as mustard, carbolic soap and Parma Violets during a sensory session.

Our activities co-ordinator, Julie, often organises sensory experiences to bring back memories and spark conversations about times past.

Julie explains: “In preparation, I asked the residents about their favourite smells – including ones that they remember from years gone by, and associate with particular times in their lives.

“Mustard, carbolic soap and Parma Violets were some of the aromas that were mentioned – so I sourced these items and brought them in.”

Julie continues: “At sensory sessions I also offer hand massages and the chance to touch different and interesting textures such as soft or bobbly material, or rubber balls.

“Some of our residents are on permanent bed rest so I make sure I go round and see everyone, one-to-one.

“Music is also really important as a sensory experience, and some of our residents love to get up and have a dance. We play music from the 1940s, 50s and 60s that everyone remembers. We have a real giggle together.”

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