St Mary’s charity push brings joy to local hospice

Staff at St Mary’s Nursing Home have provided a welcome boost for a local hospice.

St Mary’s gifted a cheque for £201.23 to Doctor Kershaw’s Hospice, which staff members raised during the Qualia Bike-a-thon charity event in May.

Sporty staff at St Mary’s saddled-up on an exercise bike and were sponsored for munching the miles.

Activities team members Denise Leach (left) and Norma Graham (right) from St Mary’s presented the cheque to nurse Kay O’Neill, who works in the Day-care department of the hospice.

Doctor Kershaw’s Hospice in Royton provides care for those in the Oldham area with a life-limiting illness.

St Mary’s manager Mary Barker says: “It’s great that we can support Doctor Kershaw’s because it provides such valuable support and care for people in the local area.

“We’d like to say a big thank you to all those staff members who took part in the Qualia Bike-a-thon, and to all those people who donated so generously.”

Staff at Qualia Care homes across the North of England cycled an incredible combined distance of more than 1,200 miles – the equivalent of cycling all the way from London to Madrid!

A grand total of more than £1,300 was raised, which has been donated to great local causes nominated by each care home.

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