Birchley Hall residents enjoy singing and music

Residents of Birchley Hall Care Home have been holding a regular ‘Songs of Praise’ session on a Friday and enjoying singing along to hymns.

Colleagues have written out the words to songs from a hymn book, so that everybody can join in.

Our activities co-ordinator, Kathleen, said: “As well as singing, we have been taking part in music and movement – helping residents to improve joints on wrists and knees, thus reducing the risk of falls.”

We’ve also been playing a range of memory games – where we have to pick up two cards and remember where the matching pairs are – and a proverbs quiz, where colleagues have started to say a well-known phrase and residents have had to complete it. 

We are continuing to see families through the window via our large corridor and are hopping to start planning a Christmas fair soon – all being well!

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