Cake baking at Washington Lodge

Residents of Washington Lodge Nursing Home in the North East have been enjoying baking cakes and decorating biscuits.

Our activities co-ordinator, Leanne, has been bringing in recipes for us to create – with some delicious results!

Home-made sweet treats, with a cup of tea or coffee, are a perfect accompaniment to a movie afternoon.

Our residents love to settle down in front of everything from cowboy films and action thrillers to tales of romance and costume dramas.

Leanne explained: “In these difficult times, there are a lot of our usual activities that we cannot do – but viewing a movie is always a popular time to spend a couple of hours.”

We’ve also had a series of birthdays to celebrate lately. Leanne said: “When a resident’s birthday comes around, we decorate the door of their room and present them with a card from us all.

“We ask them what kind of cake they like best – then our cook gets baking, taking account of any dietary requirements. We love to bring out a beautiful, iced cake, with shimmering candles – and we all enjoy singing happy birthday.”

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