Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

As a precaution all non-urgent visits to homes are being prohibited. Non urgent is defined as anything where its cessation will not cause immediate risk of harm to the physical or mental wellbeing of our residents. For example, emergency visits from healthcare professionals to carry out assessments or treatment will be permitted, whereas visits from contractors will not be permitted unless they are required to carry out urgent health and safety work.

We have asked relatives to refrain from visiting at this time, in line with the government’s recommendation, except in extenuating circumstances. 

Social isolation is a big risk for elderly people, and we want to balance the multiple risks involved to support their wellbeing as fully as possible.

We will continue to review our position on a daily basis and will update our managers each day on the latest position, which will be reflected on our website.

We are asking all visitors and staff to adhere to strict infection control measures including regular hand hygiene.

The head office and management teams are also taking all necessary precautions to delay the spread of this virus.


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