Reading time at Washington Lodge

Residents of Washington Lodge Nursing Home in the North East have been enjoying one-to-one reading time with colleagues.

We’ve been sitting down in our lounge to lose ourselves in a good book – from tales of adventure and romance, to factual tomes about transport and hobbies.

Our activities co-ordinator, Julie, explained: “One of our residents’ favourite pastimes is to be read to. They choose a book and we take the time to recite it to them. We also look at the pictures together.

“Lately, I have been reading non-fiction books on topics such as trains, motorbikes and gardening. Other residents enjoy stories by a range of authors.”

Reading can often be a way to reminisce about different times in residents’ lives and conjure up long-forgotten memories.

We’ve also been busy with our knitting club and men’s mornings – which often include games of bowling, chuck the hoop and jumbo badminton.

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