Simonsfield residents enjoy Bastille Day

Residents of Simonsfield Residential Care Home in Liverpool coloured in French flags and tucked into fine wine, cheeses, and crusty baguettes to celebrate Bastille Day.

The get-together – complete with the sounds of accordion music – was just one of the fun summer events organised by our activities co-ordinator, Dawn.

Dawn and fellow colleague Suzanne have been continuing to wash, blow wave and tong our ladies’ hair in our in-house salon – which has recently been given a new look!

Dawn explained: “Our hair and beauty salon used to have a very dull, dark brown colour scheme so I’ve painted the wood a fashionable light grey – and added love heart stencil effects.

“I finished the décor with some vintage prints showing perms and Brylcreem and it’s lovely now. A much more inspiring place to be!”

In other news, the latest theme for Dawn’s regular chit chat club was India. We all looked at pictures of colourful sarees and spices and discussed the culture and customs of this fascinating country.

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