Simonsfield rewinds to the 1930s

Residents of Simonsfield Residential Care Home in Liverpool went back in time to a 1930s themed afternoon, staged by our activities co-ordinator, Dawn.

We have long been holding ‘chit chat Tuesdays’ every week in Dawn’s cosy tearoom. To carry on sparking plenty of conversation and interest at this event, we are now giving each get-together a historical theme.

We started with the 1930s and, in each week to come, we will be discussing a different decade – and its music, films and fashions, as well as any major events.

Dawn explained: “For the 1930s, we had lots to talk about. Some great films were made in that decade – including the Wizard of Oz, Gone With The Wind, King Kong and Frankenstein.

“The big stars included Bette Davis, Greta Garbo and Shirley Temple. We also talked about the Great Depression and other things going on in Britain and America. We passed around photos from that time.”

In other news, we are planning banquet food and craft sessions for Chinese New Year, as well as meals out and bowling sessions. We’re also getting involved in a new weekly social group on Wednesdays at a local church.

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