Theatre fun for Walton Manor

Residents and colleagues of Walton Manor Care Home enjoyed a whirlwind one-woman theatre performance.

Local company Frantic Theatre visited us to perform a show called ‘Tiddly Om Pom Pom’ involving plenty of songs from TV history, and numerous costume changes.

Our activities co-ordinator, Marina, said: “Everyone really enjoyed the performance – it was breathtaking to see. The actress switched between so many characters, so quickly!

“As soon as it was over, audience members were saying to me: ‘Please invite her back again!’”

In other news we have been out and about at one of our favourite places, Crosby Beach. It reminds many of our residents of childhood trips to the seaside – and we love to see the Antony Gormley statues there.

We’ve also been preparing for Valentine’s day – when we’ll have a big party featuring one of our regular visiting vocalists, John Smith.  Family and friends will be invited to join us.

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